krayons 4 kids

I got Applebees on BOARD! yeah!
here is my letter I sent to the Store Manager...

"Hi! My name is Chloe Strang. I am a sixth grade student at Skaneateles Middle School. I am starting an affort called Krayons 4 Kids. I am hoping that you can help me by saving the any old crayons that you give out to children at you restaurant. If you are not already giving your crayons to another foundation then I would be so happy if you could help me by donating your crayons! Last February I went to South America. Lima, Peru to be exact, and I bought crayons and paper to bring to the kids. They were so thankful! I loved the feeling that I got when I gave the crayons to the kids! So that is why I want to start this foundation. I am going to Nicaragua this February and there are children that need coloring supplies there to! I am going to bring a suitcase full of crayons and paper so I can hand out the crayons that I hope you can donate! I will give you a bucket that you can fill with crayons with my logo and story! "

Thank you so much!
Chloe Rose Strang
here is the logo for the buckets...


  1. Anonymous1/11/2010

    Congratulations Chloe! I, too, will be going to Nicaragua, and I have had my Spanish class students do some fund raising and donating. Just a suggestion for some easy cash, if your school allows it, I had my students hold a water jug next to the cash registers in the cafeteria. One day we were lucky enough to collect $83! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor!
    K. Grasmann (teacher at Pleasantville Middle School)

  2. Chloe,

    What a blessing you are to so many children (and adults for that matter!) We wish you lots of luck raising funds for the children in Nicaragua. We have no doubt that you will make a huge difference in the lives of many.

    Good luck,

    Mr. & Mrs. Major, Peter, Anna & Grace

  3. Mrs. Ryan2/04/2010

    I am so proud of you. From one simple idea comes a world of change. You are an inspiration to all young people and even old people like me.I'd love to be there to see the children's faces when you share your gifts of love.Can't wait to hear all about it and what comes next.
    Mrs. Ryan