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I'm featured in our local newspaper!
Skaneateles: Sixth-grader adds color to the world
with Krayons 4 Kids
Miranda L. Pennock 03/01/10 - Skaneateles Press

While other kids were sleeping in late or off gallivanting with their families on traditional vacations last week during winter break, Skaneateles sixth-grader Chloe Strang packed her bags and set off on a family adventure that would aid children in foreign lands.The idea started last February before her family embarked on a journey to Peru. Knowing she would visit school childre in a small village, Chloe bought crayons and notebooks, bundled them all together and prepared herself for sharing fun with others.While she was armed with 20 packs of crayons and 20 notepads, but there weren’t enough packages to go around, said Shelly Kennedy, Chloe’s mom and local artist.“I really liked when I did that,” the 11-year-old said optimistically about her first attempt. “I wanted to start an effort.”The effort has turned into Krayons for Kids, which was meant to aid children in Nicaragua by giving them the simple joy of coloring, writing and drawing. With the help of Applebee’s restaurant in Auburn, she was able to collect more than 1,500 crayons that would have otherwise been discarded after one use. Chloe took the initiative to call Applebee’s and talk to the manager where they came to a resolution — Chloe would put her logo and story on buckets and the employees would fill them.The project goes even further beyond crayons and notepads, which were donated by Eastwood Litho based in Syracuse. Skaneateles’ little redheaded volunteer wanted the teachers to be included as well. Teacher packs included things like pencils, stickers and adhesive bandages.For the students, she added candy to the mix of goodies to include.“This year we’re hoping to have enough for everyone to get candy, crayons and notebooks,” she said.To help make the project come to life, Chloe started a blog — krayons4kids.blogspot.com — which tells her story, how the project came to life, shows photos of her getting ready for her Nicaraguan adventure and has a place where visitors can donate to the cause.Her online journal was created with minimal help from her parents and Chloe manages the site on her own. The logo that graces the top of the Web site was designed by Chloe, (and naturally it was colored on paper in crayon) then scanned and uploaded to the site by her dad. Shelly helped get the blog set up initially because she’s an experience blogger and reader of online journals. Together, they were able to get a PayPal button uploaded so Chloe would be able to receive donations via the Internet.Before leaving, Chloe had already received about $200 in donations.“We used some of it for getting pencils and stickers for the teachers,” she said.Some of that money is also going toward her continuing effort in Lima, Peru, where she and her family have kept in touch with the teachers and students they visited last February. Chloe said she would be sending off about 100 packs of crayons for the children there.There’s a lesson to be learned in all of this — never underestimate the heart of a child.“I just want them to know that even kids or teenagers can help,” Chloe said.Even Clark, Chloe’s 10-year-old brother has taken it upon himself to give a hand to help the children of Peru and Nicaragua out.Knowing there are children less fortunate than her out in the world has opened Chloe’s eyes — they don’t have as much as we do, some don’t know how to write, but this project will give them the chance to create with color.“You get really emotional because you see they don’t really have these things,” Chloe said as she talked about helping other children. “We do take it for granted and they don’t have anything like that.” To read Chloe’s story, see pictures from her trips or to donate, log onto krayons4kids.blogspot.com.

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Photo provided: Chloe Strang packages supplies to give to children attending a school in a village in Nicaragua through her program Krayons 4 Kids

By Jessica Soule / Skaneateles JournalPosted Monday, February 22, 2010

SKANEATELES - One 11-year-old is leaving her mark on the world in crayon.Chloe Strang collected more than 2,000 crayons for her effort Krayons 4 Kids. She is spending her school's winter recess in Nicaragua donating those crayons as well as other school supplies to a school in San Jose Del Sur.The sixth-grader at Skaneateles Middle School approached Applebee's in Auburn and asked that staff collect any crayons after young patrons use them. Instead of throwing them away, the employees dropped them in a bucket Chloe provided that carries her logo.Her mother, Skaneateles artist Shelly Kennedy, thanks the restaurant's general manager for agreeing to the program.“This is her first long-term project,” Kennedy said. If she met with resistance, she could have thought twice about taking on future community projects, her mother said.Instead, she took her idea to the next level. She approached the paper company Eastwood Litho for pads of paper and starting a Web site where people can donate money so Chloe can buy more supplies.Krayons 4 Kids received more than $200 in donations, which Chloe used to buy markers, pencils and bandages for packages for teachers. They also stuffed dozens of bags they planned to pass out to children at the school in Nicaragua.This idea sprang from another family vacation.Last February, Chloe went with her family, including her brother Clark, 10, and her father, Marc Strang, to Lima, Peru. While there, Chloe brought about 20 packages that included paper and crayons. While she enjoyed giving those to the young children she met, she was upset because she didn't have enough.Their guide told the family to give the paper and pencils to the older children, who would use them for educational purposes, rather than the younger children who would use the rare supplies for fun. They brought candy for those who didn't get supplies, but it was hard for Chloe to pass over some children to give to others.She told this story to her neighbor, Susie Ryan, who suggested Chloe explore ways of collecting contributions during her next vacation.During their trip, the family is staying at an EcoLodge, which promotes community activism and sustainability. The hotel uses solar panels and food from a local farm. The hotel connected the Strangs with a school close by that the family planned to distribute the supplies.The family likes to stay at an EcoLodge so they have different perspectives on life.“It's too easy to go on vacation and maintain the lifestyle you have at home,” Kennedy said.The family all selected activities they want to do. Kennedy wanted to see sea turtles hatching, her husband wanted to surf and their son wanted to fish. For her part, Chloe wanted to do community service.HOW TO HELPRead more about middle school student .

Chloe Strang's effort to collect school supplies called Krayons 4 Kids at her Web site http://www.krayons4kids.blogspot.com/. The site also includes a link to donate to her cause to provide children in Third-World countries papers, crayons and other supplies.

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it went great! we visited the school the morning of Feb 16.
there were 3 small rooms - grades ranging from pre 1st to 6th.
It was hot and dusty, and the schools have no running water.
the kids were happy to see us - a bit giggley as we passed out our baggies of crayons.


packing up the goods!

getting things ready to go! we just found out that school we will visit is grades 1-6th. 2 classrooms, 2 teachers in each.
we got these AWESOME notepads
(donated by Eastwood Litho in Syracuse NY) we tucked a few treats in too!
and we made a few packs for the teachers( markers, pencils, stickers, bandaids)


picked up the goods!

I picked up the crayons from Applebees last night!
2 huge bags FULL! Here I am with General Manager John - he was so very nice and helpful.. he offered many more to help the Krayons 4 Kids effort in the future.


500 Crayons!!!

Thanks to Applebee's Krayons 4 Kids now has over 500 crayons to bring to Nicaragua on February 10th! Applebee's is still collecting crayons so, Krayons 4 Kids will have acomplished something very large by helping the children that need crayons in Nicaragua!

Keep Giving!
Chloe Strang <3


peru, feb 2009

Last February I went to South America- Lima, Peru to be exact. When we were there I went to a small village where there were lots of children that were in need of school supplies. I bought crayons and paper to bring to the kids. They were so thankful! I loved the feeling that I got when I gave the crayons to the kids .